Kuppla is a private diary to track your sexual partners. Kuppla is not about finding sex. You can not find or share people through the app. By tracking who you were with and what you did, you will be better informed to help manage your sexual health and that of your partners. No one else on Kuppla can see what you enter.

You configure Kuppla to track only the things you are interested in. You can track just a name, place and date. Or you can track position, drug use, age, gender, location, time, money (spent or earned), safety, HIV status, images, contact info etc. It’s easy to customize what you track, and you can even create new tags or rename existing one. 

Yes. Kuppla is not a hosted service. Your data is not stored on our servers and Kuppla does not have access to the records that you create. What you enter remains on your phone, and only you can view it. Lose your phone and you lose your data.  The data sent to Kuppla that is identifiable to you is the minimum needed to maintain the service — your name, email and password. This data is viewable and downloadable under the privacy option of the account section. Other data sent to Kuppla is anonymized and can not be associated with you. This includes basic usage and crash data.  Kuppla does not know your gender, country or any of the details of your entries. Please read the kuppla privacy policy to be clear about what you are agreeing to. Kuppla has tried to keep the concepts and language as clear as possible. 

Remember, almost all of the content you put into the app is stored locally on your phone. If you lose your phone, you will lose the data, and we can not provide you with a backup or a copy as it doesn’t exist on our servers. So we recommend that you use your google account (or setup a dedicated account for this) and use our backup service which you can find in the account section. All of your data is then backed up to your Google drive, and from there you can recover it if you get a new phone or lose your phone. Note: we can not be respsonible for the security or reliability of Google services. 

Yes, Kuppla is currently free to download and use. To cover costs at a later stage a paid version may be introduced that has advanced features. However the goal is to make Kuppla as accessible as possible to as many people as possible, so the basic version will be without charge.

Kuppla is a private initiative of a veteran tech entrepreneur who’s motivated by how technology can impact lives. The design and functionality has been designed by Busyworks. The app has been built by Outdare in Lisbon.